Dan's TortoiseCVS Icons

New! I've also made some icons for TortoiseSVN (an excellent SVN front-end for Windows): TortoiseSVN-icons-DanAlpha.zip

TortoiseCVS is an excellent CVS front-end for Windows that integrates into the Windows shell.

This page contains my improved version of the original TortoiseCVS icons, and my own set of icons.

Alpha-Transparency versions of the original TortoiseCVS Icons

I thought the highly "stippled" look of the original TortoiseCVS default icons would benefit (on Windows XP) from using alpha transparency.

My own icons: DanAlpha

These icons use alpha transparency under Windows XP to drastically improve the overlay quality.

When used under a Windows version prior to XP, the 32-bit images will not work and the icons will look different:

The icons are based on the "Timo" icon set from TortoiseCVS, and some of the small 16-colour versions are directly copied. I have used some slightly different colours (for example, I found the original "modified", dark blue, colour did not stand out; and I prefer the "faded out" look for ignored files).


New! These icons are now available in TortoiseCVS.

These icons are freely available for you to use and I'd be very happy to see them added to the TortoiseCVS distribution. As the original icons are based on ones from TortoiseCVS, which is licensed under the GPL; as per its terms, these derivative works are also covered by the same license.

  1. Download and open the archive DansTortoiseCVSIcons.zip (18KB)
  2. Unzip the contents of the archive to C:\Program Files\TortoiseCVS\icons
  3. Run AddIcons.reg to add the new icon directories to TortoiseCVS.
  4. Right-click your desktop, select "CVS", "Preferences" and "Browse" under "Overlay icons".
  5. Choose either "TortoiseCVSNew" (only worth it on XP) or "DanAlpha" — whichever you select, you will have to log off and back on to actually see the change.