Top Secret

The Wenty File

Mission: Operation Wenty
Location: Wentworth A-Block, Demolition Site, University of York
Time: 0200 hours, 01-Dec-2000


Wentworth College, Block A, student residence at the University of York. This accomodation block, fondly known to its residents as "Wenty A-Block", has been standing for many, many years. Thousands of students have known and loved its concrete-clad, white painted breeze-blocked cells rooms.

However, it had been decided that such rooms are not sufficient for revenue-making conference guests, so newer, en-suite, accomodation was required by the University. The old blocks were to be knocked down, one by one, starting with... A-Block.

The demolition crew began work towards the end of November, 2000. Previous tennants were gutted upon hearing news of this move, and regretted having no memento of their beloved A-Block. So began... Operation Wenty.

Operation Brief

The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to access and retrieve artefacts and photography from and of the partially demolished Wentworth A-Block. Entry to the site to be obtained through gaps in the security fencing surrounding the perimeter. Entry to the building itself to be obtained through partially demolished window openings on the ground floor. Mementos (old door-signs etc.) to be collected efficiently and photographic evidence of the monstrosity is also to be obtained. Safety is, as always, paramount, the demolition site is dangerous and "no place to play in". This message will (not) self destruct in five seconds...

Operation Report

Photographic evidence collected from the site:


The mission was entirely successful. However, there is now no trace that building ever existed. The mission allowed us one final glimpse of the wonderful Wenty A-Block!