Dan's York Pub Guide

Welcome to Dan Jackson's Guide to the pubs and bars of York!

From the Ackhorne to the Yorkshire Terrier — if it's a pub in York (within the outer ring-road), then you'll find it listed here. This is my guide to more than 220 pubs and bars that I have visited and can (just about!) remember.


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Here's a short summary of some changes that I've not yet added to the database.

Further Information

There are a few pubs listed here that I need to visit (or re-visit if they've changed significantly).

I've marked my list of the 'Top Ten' pubs with a star (usually the ones with great beer!)

You can email any comments or questions to myself at: email@danieljackson.co.uk.

Maps are available as links to Google Maps UK, and are referenced by postcode, so may not be exact in their positioning.

NOTE: All opinions expressed in this document are entirely personal comments. I have visited all of the pubs and bars that are listed here (except any marked still 'To Do'), but please remember that pubs I have visited in the past may be very different now (also, some I may have only visited once, so I may not present an entirely balanced view).

To qualify for the main part of this list, the establishment must be strictly within the York Ring Road (A64 and A1237), you must be able to purchase an alcoholic drink for consumption on the premises without requiring to pay for entry (e.g. the nightclubs), pay for some other service (e.g. Hotels without public bars, B&B's), must not be required to eat with the alcohol (e.g. Restaurants which are not also Cafe Bars), or require you to be a member (e.g. Clubs, Casinos etc.).