Pocket PC Games

Classic games

RatSplat Batty QTris Squirmy

I wrote a set of four freeware games for the Pocket PC:

However, these games are no longer available free of charge: they are now owned outright by Applian Technologies Inc. and are available to buy from ApplianMobile.com.

Krazy Karts & Horace in Hogland

Krazy Karts Horace in Hogland

I have started work on two additional Pocket PC games: a racing game Krazy Karts and a platform game Horace in Hogland. Unfortunately, I have not had enough spare time to develop these projects beyond their basic working game engines, but I do hope to eventually release them when they are complete.

Future mobile games

I hope to produce more games for mobile devices. Specifically, I hope to release games for: