Third-Year Project — Real-time hand gesture recognition from video

October 1999 to March 2000

My Third-Year project was on researching the area of Gesture Recognition, and designing, implementing and evaluating a Gesture Recognition System. My supervisor for this project was Dr Nick Pears.

Abstract: Gestures are an important part of our communication with each other, yet remain unused in our interaction with technology. Hands are our natural pointing and signalling devices, yet we are limited to using keyboards, mice, touch-screens or, at best, cumbersome data-gloves for such operations. A reliable hand-gesture recognition system is sought, which takes input from a real-time colour video camera, and provides output as recognised pointing or other signalling commands.

hand surrounded by marker boxes with inset images showing image processing
Inset images (top-to-bottom, left-to-right): (a) matched example pose, (b) processed matched pose data, (c) Data 'seen' as hand, (d) processed 'seen' image.
Notes: Cyan-dashed-rectangle: bounding box of hand; White-dashed-square: bounding square for hand; small-yellow-cross: centre of hand; small-yellow-box: region for skin colour-sampling.